All my drawings cataloged!


Note to self: don’t wait a full year to catalog all your work done that year!

I spent hours yesterday measuring & recording in a ledger the sixty paintings & drawings done since last summer. Next I will photograph everything. And promise, from now on, I will catalog as I go!

Cataloging does a couple of things: it records what I have created- for posterity and for selling and marketing purposes; it gives me an objective idea of how well I am working (how efficiently and fast); and it makes me think more deeply about the direction and meaning of my work.

A dance buddy asked me recently how many hours I spend a week on my art. He thought it might be a couple of hours a week, but it is actually many hours a day! It is much like dancing, or playing a musical instrument, or doing anything professionally: there is the constant practice; the actual doing of the art; and then the effort to get the work seen.

And keeping a record is just one of the many tasks!



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